Government likely to reject proposal on growing, possessing marihuana

Medical marijuana can be prescribed for specific diseases, but there have been problems with maintaining a legal supply and prices have been much higher than necessary
Radio Praha (Czech Republic)
Saturday, December 15, 2018

The government is likely to reject a proposal from a group of MPs from six parties to further legalise marihuana, the Czech news agency ČTK reports. The debate in part is about making medical marihuana more readily available. The opposition Pirate Party is leading the initiative to change current legislation on growing, processing and possessing cannabis for one’s own needs. Currently, adults are allowed to grow up to five marihuana plants at home for their own consumption. Under the proposal, adults could also have up to 1.25 kilograms of marihuana at home and up to 30 grams on their person. It would also be legal for adults to give – but not sell – 30 grams outside of their home to another adult. (See also: 5 myths about cannabis in the Czech Republic)