France introduces fixed fine for drug use

The introduction of the fine would not remove other “possible responses” to drug use - such as the accused being asked to appear in court
The Connexion (France)
Sunday, November 25, 2018

france cannabisThe French Assemblée Nationale has voted to introduce a fixed €200 fine for the use of narcotics - and cannabis in particular - in an effort to step up the fight against illegal drugs. The bill was adopted on Friday November 23, by 28 votes in favour, and 14 against. It will introduce a €200 fixed punishment fine for the illicit use of drugs, with cannabis especially targeted. Since 1970 in France, illegal drug use - of any kind - has been associated with up to a year in prison and a fine of up to €3,750; but this was rarely enforced for the use of drugs such as cannabis. The vote comes against a backdrop of widespread cannabis use in France: official figures estimated that in 2017 there around 5 million users nationally, of which 700,000 were said to use it daily.