Decriminalise cannabis; consider its commercial benefits - Akrasi-Sarpong

Drug control policies, and accompanying enforcement practices, often entrenched and exacerbated systematic discrimination against people who used drugs
Modern Ghana (Ghana)
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ghana ganjaYaw Akrasi-Sarpong, Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board, called for an open debate with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), to join in on-going global debates on the drug issue. He advocated for the decriminalization of cannabis, with an argument drawn along lines, such as the commercial benefits not only as a powerful medicinal plant, but for the production of various products, including soap and cosmetics, for export. He said there was currently a growing recognition among the scientific community in the Western World of the immense benefit of cannabis, with respect to its commercial use, and were adopting new ways through science, to address the drug menace, instead of sticking to the old ways and a total ban of cannabis.