Legalising cocaine would stem drug violence, Belgian criminologist suggests

"The idea hatched 100 years ago to criminalise hard drugs does not work in the modern world"
The Brussels Times (Belgium)
Saturday, January 21, 2023

belgium antwerp cocaineAfter an 11-year-old girl died recently due to a shooting incident in Merksem, politicians have stressed that tackling narco-terror is a top priority, without exception. Ministers and mayors have spoken about stronger controls and even deploying the army to tackle the growing crisis. Could the legalisation of cocaine be part of the solution to reduce drug violence in Belgium? Criminologist Tom Decorte from Ghent University thinks so. He has claimed that it is precisely the illegality of the drug business that creates the biggest economic incentive for criminals and by legalising and regulating it, violent competition could be reduced or even eradicated. (See also: Fines for using hard drugs could increase from €150 to €1,000 | Belgium in Brief: Carrots, sticks, and cocaine)