Dutch and Mexican gangs are teaming up to sell high-end meth to Asia

A VICE investigation reveals that meth shards "the size of your arm" are the latest product of the globalized drug trade
Vice (UK)
Thursday, May 14, 2020

crystal methA new and rapidly evolving Dutch meth trade shows evidence of collusion between Mexican and Dutch organized crime groups to produce and traffic high quality meth to Asia and Australasia. Until 2016 police had busted just three meth labs in Holland. Yet in the last three years they have busted 27. Holland’s rising meth producing industry is notable for its links with Mexican criminals.Dutch crime gangs, which already produce and export huge quantities of ecstasy and amphetamines around the world, are utilizing existing labs, trafficking routes and infrastructures to smuggle meth to the other side of the world. (See also: Crystal meth: Europe could now see a surge in supply and use)