Crackdown on laughing gas cartridges and the Danish teenagers who abuse them

Age and purchase limits will hopefully curtail a drug craze that has reached epidemic proportions
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

nitrous oxideThe Danish government will present a bill to make it much harder for young people to abuse laughing gas cartridges to get high. The bill, which has a broad majority, will make it illegal for under-18s to buy the nitrous oxide cartridges, which are most commonly used in siphons to produce whipped cream for coffee and desserts. Additionally, it will be illegal for anyone to buy more than two of the eight-gram cartridges at the same time. The cartridges have been popping up all over cycle lanes and pavements over the last two to three years due to their abuse by teenagers who inhale the gas for a short-term euphoric effect. (See also: Why Denmark wants to ban under-18s from buying laughing gas)