Why is medical marijuana a high ranking priority for Thailand's military?

Put simply, the military establishment recognises there are huge business and tax revenue-raising opportunities to be had
ABC (Australia)
Sunday, January 12, 2020

thailand dr ganjaSouth-East Asia is notorious for its brutal approach to policing drug use and production. But in Thailand change is afoot, as authorities seek to develop a homegrown medical marijuana industry. Its conservative, military-dominated Government has spearheaded the effort, which seeks to make Thailand a regional centre for the production and distribution of medical marijuana. The Federal Government has approved the sale of medicinal marijuana, but it still won't be easy for people to get a prescription.First outlawed in 1935, marijuana has reportedly been a part of traditional Thai medicine and cooking for centuries, mainly used as a versatile form of pain relief. Thailand legalised medical marijuana in December 2018, making it the first country in South-East Asia to do so.