America’s marijuana growers are the best in the world, but federal laws are keeping them out of global markets

Federal prohibitions are getting in the way of efforts to grow the U.S. marijuana business into a global industry. That’s allowed Canadian cannabis growers to dominate the export market
The Washington Post (US)
Friday, December 27, 2019

us flag cannabis capitolAfter 20 years of experience, legal marijuana growers in the U.S. have a reputation for creating the best product in the world, scientifically grown and tightly regulated for quality and safety. The crop would be in high demand internationally — perhaps the centerpiece of a new U.S. industry — if not for the regulatory conundrum in which growers operate. Because marijuana is legal in many states but still illegal federally, marijuana growers are unable to ship their products to other countries or even other American states that have legalized the drug. So while U.S. cannabis firms have driven product innovation and mastered large-scale grow operations, they restlessly wait for the export curtain to lift.