Copenhagen city council supports cannabis legalization trial

A majority in Copenhagen Municipality’s city council (Borgerrepræsentation) wants to legalize cannabis, but the government remains opposed
The Local (Denmark)
Thursday, September 12, 2019

christiania hashCity politicians in Copenhagen are in support of trialling a legalization of the sale of cannabis and will approach the government over the issue. “There’s a new government, so it makes sense for us in Copenhagen to again make clear our view that it is important for us that something is done about the hash market in Copenhagen,” said Socialist People’s Party councillor Klaus Mygind. City councillors say a trial would undermine criminal hash dealers and also make it easier to reach young people who are struggling with addiction. The idea is based on the establishment of five or six points of sale in the city, which would be staffed by specially trained advisors. 44 of the 55 representatives on the city council support the proposal.