Black market pot entered CannTrust facility, flowed into legal market last year: Sources

Some cannabis producers may face pressure to tap the black market to acquire new strains in order to differentiate their products from competitors
BNN Bloomberg (Canada)
Friday, September 6, 2019

canada cannabis industrialSenior operating staff working at CannTrust Holdings Inc.’s Pelham, Ont. facility late last year brought cannabis seeds from the black market into production rooms, leading to some illicitly-grown pot flowing into the legal market. In an apparent effort to conceal the black market cannabis seeds from regulatory inspections and other staff members, some CannTrust employees changed the names of as many as 20 strains to those which the company was licensed to sell in the legal medical and recreational markets. Adding cannabis seeds obtained through the black market would have allowed CannTrust to significantly bolster its production at a time when it had overcommitted itself with supply contracts with provinces and other licensed marijuana producers.