It’s time we were made legal, say London’s cannabis dealers... but don’t do it for skunk

Weed dealers in the capital would welcome being decriminalised... but worry that big business will swoop in and take all the profits
Evening Standard (UK)
Thursday, August 22, 2019

uk cannabis debate esLondon cannabis dealers would welcome the legalisation of their trade, despite apprehension that they would be excluded from enjoying the fruits of the process and lose their livelihood. This was one of the key findings of a research project by London Metropolitan University and the Evening Standard in which two criminologists carried out interviews with cannabis dealers to glean their views on legalisation. Two dealers described dual cannabis markets, one for “pure weed” smoked by the older generation and another for skunk, smoked by young people. They were adamant that high-potency skunk should not be legalised as it was a contributing factor to street violence and mental illness, despite skunk being “more profitable”. (See also: 50 arrests as police swoop on 'cannabis cafe' in east London)