Are e-cigarettes a gateway to cannabis use for teens and young adults? Yes, says new study

It appears to support the theory that nicotine affects the developing brain, influencing how people respond to addictive substances
Associated Press (US)
Friday, August 16, 2019

Adolescents and young adults who use electronic cigarettes are far more likely to also use marijuana, according to new research.The study, published online in JAMA Paediatrics, said the odds of marijuana use among young people who used e-cigarettes was 3.5 times greater than among those who said they had not used e-cigarettes.The research examined marijuana use among 10- to 24-year-olds through a compilation of 21 studies from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The authors, who include researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, say policymakers should pay attention to this connection.