Pass the Duchy: Luxembourg’s grand plan to legalize cannabis

Health minister confirms plans and calls on neighbouring countries to relax their laws
Politico (EU)
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

luxembourg cannabisLuxembourg has ambitions to legalize recreational cannabis and convince other European countries to do the same. The Duchy would legalize the entire cannabis market, from issuing licenses for its production to legalizing its consumption, under a highly regulated structure. The health ministry is slated to unveil a proposal to start the legislative process this fall, and the goal is for it to become law within two years. It would ban home cultivation and likely impose an age restriction — possibly 18 — for purchase. Health Minister Etienne Schneider also envisions prohibition on purchases by non-residents, as a way to avoid drug tourism. He admits it will be difficult striking a balance between keeping borders open and regulating this new market, especially if Luxembourg's neighbors fear undesired spillover.