Final push to legalize pot fails in New York

State legislators were considering a backup plan to decriminalize the drug after a legalization effort collapsed amid disagreement about how to regulate the industry
The New York Times (US)
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

us ny legalize nowNew York’s plan to legalize marijuana this year collapsed, dashing hopes for a potential billion-dollar industry that supporters said would create jobs in minority communities and end decades of racially disproportionate policing. Democratic lawmakers had been in a headlong race to finalize an agreement before the end of the legislative session this week. But persistent disagreement about how to regulate the industry, as well as hesitation from moderate lawmakers, proved insurmountable. A recent poll showed that 55 percent of voters supported legalization. But the external pressure could not resolve an intraparty battle between state officials over who should control the estimated $1.7 billion in sales the recreational market could generate each year.