In the land with a rich history of growing weed, cannabis capitalism is an uneasy fit

Jamaicans say the cultural ownership they feel towards cannabis is getting ignored by foreign investors looking to make money in the weed mecca
Financial Post (Canada)
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

jamaica flag ganja2There’s a hint of disappointment in Courtney Betty’s voice when he talks about the present state of Jamaica’s legal medicinal cannabis regime. “I don’t think some of the companies coming in to do business here want to understand the social realities of Jamaica, or the real history of ganja in my country,” he said from his home in the country’s capital, Kingston. “I don’t think it is out of ignorance; I think this is just the way Western companies conduct business abroad.” By “Western” companies, Betty — the chief executive officer of Jamaican medical marijuana company Timeless Herbal Care — means Canadian. Since Jamaica legalized cannabis for medicinal cultivation and sale four years ago, a slew of Canadian pot companies have flooded the tiny island nation.