Danish law enforcement increasing pressure on Christiania cannabis trade

A police review has found that over 700 people were arrested and 710 kilograms of cannabis confiscated in the alternative enclave of Christiania in 2018
The Local (Denmark)
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Illicit trade of cannabis at the Pusher Street market in Copenhagen’s Christiania is being put under pressure by an intensive effort from law enforcement, according to Copenhagen Police. “This is the result of an intensified effort which we initiated in May last year, whereby we increased our permanent presence on Pusher Street with both patrols and destruction of market stands,” Copenhagen’s chief of police Anne Tønnes said. Market stands on Pusher Street, from where cannabis is sometimes traded, reappear when police are not present in the area. But sales of cannabis have fallen to such an extent that organised crime behind the trade is now feeling the pinch, according to Tønnes. That does not necessarily prevent it from relocating to another part of the city.