How do you move mountains of unwanted weed?

Oregon farmers have grown three times what their customers can smoke in a year, causing bud prices to plummet and panic to set in
Willamette Week (US) / The Guardian (UK)
Wednesday, May 9, 2018

us oregon plantationIt turns out Oregonians are good at growing cannabis – too good. In February, state officials announced that 1.1m pounds of cannabis flower were logged in the state’s database. If a million pounds sounds like a lot of pot, that’s because it is: last year, Oregonians smoked, vaped or otherwise consumed just under 340,000lb of legal bud. That means Oregon farmers have grown three times what their clientele can smoke in a year. The result? Prices are dropping to unprecedented lows in auction houses and on dispensary counters across the state. Wholesale sun-grown weed fell from $1,500 a pound last summer to as low as $700 by mid-October.