Youngsters try to weed out taboo

We need awareness programmes to educate people about how marijuana is different from the other banned drugs
Times of India (India)
Monday, January 22, 2018

Should marijuana be legalised? Medical experts may be divided in their opinion on the subject, but many youngsters are citing examples from abroad to demand legalisation of the drug in India. They supported their argument with the fact that more than half the states in the US and nearly a dozen countries, like Portugal and Argentina, allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. "If the government can allow sale of tobacco and alcohol, why has it banned marijuana? Unlike the former two, marijuana has known properties to heal and even prevent diseases," said Utsav Thapliyal, member of Greater Legalisation Movement India, a non-profit organisation educating about the benefits of cannabis. (See also: GLM starts web series to debate on cannabis legalisation)