Mumbaiites fight to legalise marijuana

On December 17, members of the group walked 5km from Gateway of India to Chowpatty beach to get support for their cause
The Hindustan Times (India)
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Bangalore-based founder of the Great Legalisation Movement (GLM), Viki Vaurora, wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to legalise hemp — leaves that are the source of cannabis — for medicinal, industrial and recreational purposes. The movement has been gaining momentum because Member of Parliament from Patiala Dr Dharamvira Gandhi’s bill seeking legalisation of the “non-synthetic” intoxicants was cleared for the Parliament last year, and was expected to be discussed in the winter session. However, speaking to HT, Gandhi said the bill may come up for discussion only in the budget session later next year because it wasn’t approved for the current session. (See also: Cannabis medicine in state to be reality soon?)