How Uruguay made legal highs work

The South American country’s move to full legalisation of cannabis has so far proved a success, especially for its 17,391 users
The Guardian (UK)
Sunday, December 10, 2017

Uruguay’s switch to a legal marijuana market has not been without its hitches. Notably the resistance of most pharmacists to act as outlets for the recreational marijuana (medical marijuana remains illegal in Uruguay). Only 12 of the country’s 1,100 pharmacies have signed up so far to supply the 17,391 government-registered consumers served by the system, which explains the long queues outside. The low price and slim profit margin partly explain their reticence. “But the main problem is that banks have threatened to close the accounts of pharmacies selling marijuana,” said one chemist who sells marijuana in Montevideo, but who did not want to reveal his name for fear of such bank intervention.