Legalizing cannabis in India: Is it time the Parliament starts talking about it?

Why is the country still facing a tough time to start a debate on legalizing the drug?
The News Minute (India)
Monday, August 24, 2015
bhang shop menu 20140120There have been a lot of arguments for decriminalizing marijuana consumption from multiple reports in the Times of India to online petitions and Facebook pages. However, very few arguments have cropped up against the cause. Why then, is the country still facing a tough time legalizing medicinal marijuana, to begin with, and then start a debate on using the drug for recreational purposes? Cannabis, is legal in certain places in India, like Odisha, where you can walk up to a government excise shop and buy your day's need. Here's a menu with the rates from 2012. (See also: Cannabis ban is elitist. It should go: Tathagata Satpathy)