Filipinos flee Duterte’s violent drug crackdown

The Roman Catholic Church has vocally opposed Mr. Duterte’s deadly campaign
The New York Times (US)
Sunday, June 4, 2017

Every morning before dawn, Rosario Perez checks to make sure her sons are still alive. The three brothers, all in their 20s, sleep at the houses of friends and relatives, moving regularly, hoping that whoever may have been assigned to kill them won’t catch up with them. They are not witnesses on a mob hit list, or gang members hiding from rivals. They are simply young men living in the Philippines of President Rodrigo Duterte. Residents are cobbling together strategies to hide and survive. Many young men are staying indoors, out of sight. Others have fled the urban slums, where most of the killings occur, and are camping out on farms or lying low in villages in the countryside. (See also: Neuroscientist Carl Hart says 'infant thinking' drives Philippines meth war)