Drug reform push stalls

The Global Commission on Drug Policy was in Thailand last week to show support for reform of the country's "war on drugs" laws
The Bangkok Post (Thailand)
Monday, April 10, 2017

While there has been some progress in modernising drug laws, there is almost no good news in Thailand or the region. Despite Gen Paiboon's pioneering effort in his last months as minister of justice, little has changed. He has new duties at the Privy Council. The permanent secretary of justice has sent a proposal to the council to re-schedule some drugs, notably methamphetamine. It is highly questionable whether the current government or its National Legislative Assembly will act. Without at least a show of support from Asean, true reform of drug laws is almost impossible. But Asean as a group is, at best, split over the issue. Except for Gen Paiboon, political leadership is clearly lacking. While Thailand badly needs drug reform, chances of success seem slim.