Chuck promises Rastas speedy approval of ganja requests

On the matter of temples the minister warned that the establishment of religious buildings is governed by law
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Monday, December 12, 2016

jamaica rastaJustice Minister Delroy Chuck has moved to assure members of the Rastafarian faith in Jamaica that their requests to transport ganja to be smoked as a religious sacrament will be granted expeditiously. This follows a demonstration late last month by irate Rastafarians in front of the Barnett Street Police Station in the wake of the seizure by police of 10 pounds of the weed from a member of the faith. “Where, unfortunately, a lot of you (Rastas) are getting into trouble is to get it (ganja) from where you buy it, or where you grow it, to the temple or to your home. You need an exemption. If you are going to transport it at all, just write me to get the exemption. I will approve it within hours,” the justice minister guaranteed.