West Africa: Forging a West African consensus on UNGASS

Drug policies focusing on law enforcement, incarceration, punishment and repression failed to eradicate supply, demand and harm caused by illicit drugs
All Africa
Monday, February 1, 2016

A news story cited Ghana's Deputy Superintendent of Police, David Selom Hukportie, as bemoaning the formidable challenges he faces trying to destroy marijuana farms across the country. Mr. Hukportie, who also heads the Drug Law Enforcement Unit of the Ghana Police Service, said the effort was like "trying to kill a swarm of flies with one's bare hands". The government of Ghana - as well as those of Benin and Senegal - have recently taken a progressive approach to drugs in line with the AU Common African Position for UNGASS 2016. (See also: The road after the UNGASS fracas: Are things falling apart for Africa?)