State chief consultant Mark Kleiman knows in, outs of pot legalization

The state’s new pot consultants were introduced as the best available team by far for helping with the historic task of creating a legal pot system untested on the planet
The Seattle Times (US)
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

mark-kleimanWashington state’s chief pot consultant remains a bit mysterious, but Mark Kleiman's views on legalizing pot are no mystery. He lays them out in “Marijuana Legalization,” a 2012 book he wrote with three of his team members. Alison Holcomb, the law’s author, said Kleiman’s credentials could ease federal concerns about Washington’s system evolving into an industry that tries to create addictions and market to young people. “I’m glad Kleiman and his colleagues are heading up the consulting group,” she said. (See also: Washington touts credentials of new pot consultant)