Parliament to vote on legalisation of home-grown cannabis this month

Bill would allow adults to grow up to four plants and use cannabis products inside home
Luxembourg Times (Luxembourg)
Thursday, June 15, 2023

luxembourg cannabisLuxembourg residents hoping to legally grow cannabis at home might not have to wait till after the elections, after Parliament announced it will vote before the end of the month on a bill calling for legalisation. The law will “have to be debated and voted on in public session during the week of June 26”, an article on the Parliament’s website said. The bill stipulates adults can legally grow up to four plants. The plants must not be visible from a public space and consumers must not use cannabis products outside their residence. People who hold, transport or acquire cannabis products for their personal use would be allowed to carry up to three grams. Violators would risk a fine of €251 to €2,500.