Vobořil: The state could raise up to CZK 15 billion annually by taxing addictive substances

The government should receive a final document with individual plans and deadlines by the end of the year
ČTK (Czechia)
Monday, October 17, 2022

Jindrich VoborilCzechia could gain up to CZK 15 billion (EUR 600 million) a year thanks to new taxation of addictive substances and more efficient collection. The proposal also envisages the introduction of a strictly regulated cannabis market. It could bring up to CZK 4 billion (EUR 160 million) from the sale of cannabis products and from licensing. "We want to introduce a legal cannabis market. The fact that we have some portion of addictive substances under prohibition is a great social experiment that is not working," national drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil said. He is discussing with colleagues in other states. (See also: Drug Reporter: How will Czechia legalise cannabis? | Could Czechia become second EU country to legalise recreational cannabis?)