Tunisians call for the legalization of cannabis

Tunisian activists call for decriminalizing cannabis and establishing a national authority to regulate the consumption of the plant
Albawaba (Tunisia)
Sunday, April 10, 2022

tunisia cannabisA group of young Tunisians is calling for the establishment of a National Cannabis Bureau, and the end of the nationwide ban on cannabis. The youth group, “Badal,” claims that the law criminalizing the consumption of weed is detrimental to the future of young Tunisians. The youth-led movement calls to eradicate “Law No. 52” that penalizes cannabis consumption, explaining that it's “cruel,” the report added. Under Law 52, smoking hashish is penalized with a one-year prison sentence for anyone charged with drug possession. And the prison sentence can reach five years in case the culprit has a criminal history. The call rekindles the controversy in Tunisia regarding the consumption of cannabis, known in slang as “zatla”.