Minister denies talks being held with Britain on cannabis law

David Burt, the Premier, has trumpeted the Cannabis Licensing Bill as a flagship piece of legislation for the PLP
The Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
Friday, April 29, 2022

bermuda cannabis reformA Cabinet minister has denied that behind the scenes talks with London are the reason for a delay in sending controversial legislation on legalising cannabis in Bermuda to the Governor for consideration. The remarks came after OBA former premier Craig Cannonier said the fact that the Cannabis Licensing Bill had not been sent to Government House more than four weeks after passing Parliament was “unusual”. Mr Cannonier insisted he had information that the delay may have been caused by correspondence between the Government and 10 Downing Street over the issue. However, Jason Hayward, the Economy and Labour Minister, dismissed the suggestion. Mr Hayward told a press conference: “I am not aware of any negotiations.”