Bermuda Senate rejects controversial cannabis law

The PLP claims that the Government's plans had been stymied by unelected officials “appointed by an unelected, unaccountable governor”
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Friday, March 5, 2021

bermuda cannabis reformThe ruling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) has reacted angrily after the Senate rejected a controversial law to legalise cannabis, which will now be sent back to the House of Assembly in the British Overseas Territory. The Cannabis Licensing Act, setting out a regulatory framework for growing, selling and using the drug, was passed by MPs two weeks ago. But in the Upper House, senators opposed the legislation, six votes to five, handing a major defeat to the PLP five months after it was re-elected with a huge 24-seat majority. All three independent senators – who are chosen by the governor – and three Opposition One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) senators voted the Bill down; the five government senators voted in favour. (See also: Government to push on with cannabis law despite Senate rejection)