The problem with cannabis is that it doesn’t have a label: Andrew Bonello

Andrew Bonello, president of pro-legalisaton NGO Releaf Malta, argues that our current approach is causing more harm than the drug itself
Malta Today (Malta)
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Andrew BonelloIn Malta the Prime Minister has announced a White Paper on a possible new drug reform. Andrew Bonello: "In general, the gist of what the Prime Minister is proposing – that he is considering allowing cultivation of a couple of plants; and that people should stop getting arrested for simple possession – was all broadly in line with what we suggested in our meeting with him on February 9." The right to grow is one of the most fundamental aspects of the whole reform. "You can control your own product, so there is no danger of the cannabis being adulterated with other substances; you don’t have to go out and deal with the criminal market to score; and so on." (ReLeaf Malta: A Maltese Legalised and Regulated Cannabis Market 2020)