Anger after Tunisians jailed for 30 years for cannabis use

The Tunisian League of Human Rights called the verdict "unjust"
The New Arab / AFP
Sunday, January 31, 2021

tunisia cannabisTunisian human rights activists and social media users on Sunday slammed the sentencing of three people, all aged under 30, to 30 years each in prison for cannabis use. Mohamed Faouzi Daoudi, a spokesman for the court in Kef in northern Tunisia, said that the decision was "not just about drug use, but also the use of a sports field for their consumption." He said Tunisian law reserved harsh penalties for drug use in public spaces, and cited "law 52". Amna Guellali, from campaign group Amnesty International, said such sentences for drug use and possession were "unacceptable on principle". Social media users also denounced the court decision and called for demonstrations and changes to the law. (See also: Tunisian PM pledges review of 'harsh' sentences in cannabis cases)