Police commissioners urge Home Office to drop opposition to addicts’ ‘fix rooms’

Glasgow city councillors recently unanimously supported calls for development of such a facility
The Scotsman (UK)
Monday, July 2, 2018

There are renewed calls for the UK government to allow the opening of a drug consumption room in Glasgow after three police and crime commissioners backed the idea as a way of saving lives. The elected commissioners for Durham, North Wales and West Midlands said they were “deeply concerned” about the Home Office’s opposition to the use of drug consumption rooms (DCRs), which are sometimes referred to as “fix rooms”. Earlier this year the UK government rejected a proposal by Glasgow City Council to open a ‘‘fix room”. The plan came among amid growing concern over the number of HIV infections related to intravenous drug use. (See also: Scots drug deaths hit new record high | Theresa May just says no to safe drugs facility in Glasgow)