Ecstasy and cocaine are getting stronger, Dutch drug analysis shows

Tests carried out on 12,000 drug samples in 2017
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ecstasy pills are becoming stronger and cocaine sold on the streets is more pure, according to a new report by the addiction centre Trimbos Institute. The institute bases its claim on tests carried out on 12,000 drug samples in 2017. The researchers found the amount of MDMA – the active ingredient – in ecstasy pills had gone up from an average 120 milligrams in 2013 to 167 milligrams last year. When it comes to cocaine, in 2014, just 59% of the powder was made up of the actual drug, but this rose to an average of 68% last year. (See also: Drug legalization main menu item at world’s first “ecstasy” store)